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About us:

The Law Firm of Maciej Drozdowski, Legal Counsel, is situated at the meeting point between Oliwa and Żabianka, two districts of Gdańsk, and in immediate vicinity to the border between Gdańsk and Sopot. The Law Firm occupies half of a tenement house dating back to the times before the Second World War, along with half of a plot of land owned by the Law Firm. The Law Firm has an independent entry to the building and a gateway situated from the side of Al. Grunwaldzka. On the back of the tenement house, there are also parking spaces for our Clients.

The present appearance of the building and the garden, along with the interior design, are a result of the comprehensive renovation of the building and its surroundings commissioned by Maciej Drozdowski, Legal Counsel, in the previous years. The Clients of the Law Firm are free to use two separate and fully-equipped conferences rooms (a large one on the first floor and a smaller one on the second floor), and a green garden in front of the entry to the Law Firm building.

Our specialization

The Law Firm specialises in legal services for developers, real estate investors, construction and non-construction businesses operating in the form of commercial law companies and sole proprietorships. Furthermore, the Law Firm provides legal aid to natural persons, in particular in cases regarding inheritance law, family law, law of obligations and law of damages.

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