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For developers

The law firm of Maciej Drozdowski, Legal Counsel, provides comprehensive legal services for the developer market.
In particular we help developing construction companies to transform into thriving developer companies.
We also help developer companies with an established market position to develop further and expand safely.

Services before the start of a construction process:

  • Counselling services regarding the selection of a proper plot of land for development – before a purchase is made, we advise the Client how to obtain an urban planning opinion or complex model preliminary concepts
  • Verifying real estate planned to be purchased in terms of the availability of connections – in particular we represent our clients in the process of obtaining conditions for connection, negotiations regarding the reconstruction or liquidation of existing networks, negotiations with public utilities and administration bodies regarding the conditions of development of undeveloped real estate,
  • Verifying the legal state of real estate planned to be purchased – we provide assistance in the verification of real estate boundaries and help to settle disputes with neighbours and resolve any possible problems with the right of pre-emption, access to a public road, real estate division and the dissolution of real estate co-ownership
  • Services regarding the procedure of changing local spatial management plans or obtaining a decision on land development and management conditions
  • Services regarding the exchange of the Client’s real estate for other types of real estate – we represent our Clients in negotiations regarding the exchange of land, including negotiations regarding the exchange of the Client’s private real estate for real estate owned by local government units
  • Services regarding sales transactions – we draw up preliminary agreements and draft sale agreements – we help to reach mutually satisfactory compromises regarding settlement of accounts and to draw up agreements allowing for the settlement of the portion of the price for premises built on the real estate purchased, agreements on the acquisition of shares in the co-ownership of real estate, preliminary agreements on real estate division and acquisition of real estate in trust

Usługi w trakcie realizacji procesu
budowlanego i po jego zakończeniu:

  • Services for handling agreements on the construction process – we prepare agreements on design works including clauses on the transfer of copyright to the design and its individual parts to the developer and clauses protecting the developer against design errors, underestimated and the designer’s delays. In addition, we draw up and support negotiations on construction work agreements, general contractor agreements, agreements on the supplies of equipment, including lifts, windows, doors, railings, fencing, etc. We also represent Clients in ongoing disputes at construction site regarding the faulty or delayed performance of agreements by the developer’s contractors.
  • Services regarding disputes arising from agreements on the construction process – in the case of faulty performance or gross delays, we support Clients in negotiations with their business partners in order to reach a compromise. In addition, we help to protect the Client’s interests by applying solutions that make it possible to use substitute performance, withdraw from an agreement or assert liquidated damages or compensation from an unreliable contractor
  • Services regarding investment loans – we support Clients in the negotiations of preliminary loan conditions, including the negotiations of favourable conditions of releasing a loan and applying reasonable collaterals
  • Services for the support of the sale process – we support Clients in the organisation and opening of sale offices, draw up information brochures, preliminary agreements for premises, draft developer agreement, draft ownership transfer agreements, and agreements on the commercialization of service premises, and help to resolve current problems with sale servicing and problems resulting from the credit proceedings of purchasers of premises.
  • Services regarding the after-sales process – we provide assistance in the organisation of a housing association and represent developers in complaint and warranty proceedings.

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