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Legal service for companies

The Law Firm of Maciej Drozdowski, Legal Counsel, provides legal services both to natural persons running their own businesses and entrepreneurs who pursue business activity in the form of a joint-stock company, limited-liability company, general partnership, professional partnership, limited partnership and limited joint-stock partnership.

As part of activities whose goal is to optimise the Client’s business activity, we help to establish and provide services for limited liability company limited joint-stock partnerships, in which a limited liability company is a general partner and a natural person is a limited partner.

We provide the following corporate services for companies:

  • Building companies from scratch, including counselling in the choice of the optimal type of company or companies,
  • Establishing and providing legal services for capital groups and consortiums
  • Drawing up draft resolutions for corporate bodies and providing legal services for meetings of shareholders and general meetings
  • Ongoing corporate counselling provided to corporate bodies in the scope of their activities
  • Merger, division, transformation and liquidation of companies

Services regarding the economic affairs of entrepreneurs:

  • Representing Clients in court disputes
  • Supporting Clients in contractual negotiations, including settlement negotiations
  • Drawing up draft agreements
  • Representing Clients in enforcement proceedings and proceedings whose goal is to effectively identify the hidden property of a debtor or to seize property that was transferred by the debtor to a third party to the creditor’s detriment

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The non-construction companies to which we have provided or we are still providing services include:

  • Food and catering companies, including
    • food manufacturers
    • food wholesalers,
    • restaurants
  • Transport and forwarding companies, including:
    • International transport companies,
    • International forwarding companies
    • Special transport companies,
    • Domestic transport and forwarding businesses
  • Automotive businesses, including:
    • Companies providing repair and maintenance services for trucks and buses
    • Companies providing repair and maintenance services for passenger cars
    • Companies repairing and selling antique motorcycles
    • Car dealerships
  • Chemical companies, including:
    • Industrial chemistry wholesalers
    • Industrial chemistry manufacturers
  • Financial services companies:
    • Credit and insurance consulting businesses
    • Investment consulting businesses
    • Accounting offices and statutory auditor offices
  • Farm and livestock production companies, including:
    • Stud farms
    • Gardening companies
    • Farmers
  • Clothes companies – a popular fashion brand
  • People and property protection companies
  • IT services companies

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